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My name is Maria Waskiel-Smit and I am the owner and events host of the Meet & Mingle Business Network. I am originally from Poland but I have been living and working in the UK since 2004 and I am happily settled in Oxford with my husband and two young daughters.

After graduating in Tourism and Hotel Management I spend 10 years working in hotel and events management, customer service and online marketing, including social media. This experience has helped me enormously in establishing the Meet & Mingle Business Network and associated promotional activities and member services.

Outgoing and sociable by nature, I love meeting and getting to know people and helping them to promote their businesses. Passionate about the power of networking, I believe that people are most successful and happy when they do business with people they have been able to get to know and trust trough building mutually supportive relationship. This is the ethos of The Meet & Mingle Business Network!!!


Have a wonderful day and hope to meet you soon.


Please contact me if you have any questions:

Mobile: 07896843352

E-mail: maria@meetandminglenetwork.co.uk




 Use every letter you write

Every conversation you have

Every meeting you attend

To express your fundamental beliefs and dreams.

Affirm to others the vision

Of the world you want.

Network through thought.

Network through love.

Network through spirit.

You are the centre of the network.

You are the centre of the world.

You are a free, immensely powerful source

Of life and goodness.

Affirm it, spread it, radiate it.

Think day and night about it

And you will see a miracle happen:

The greatness of your own life.

 Not in a world of big powers,

 Networking is the new freedom,

The new democracy,

A new form of happiness.

Robert Muller

Former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations